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The Science of Drift Academy


Understanding Drifting

Drifting is an incredibly complex topic, so many different sides of Drifting, all of them are absolutely awesome to be part of.

For 15 years we have studied almost every aspect of Drifting, we offer coaching that is set apart from the rest due to our passion for Drifting and high-level driving technique.

Whether you want to learn the basics, improve your skills, understand car control, or become the next Pro driver,

we can help make your dreams come true!

The coaching is based on four fundamentals of physics that we encounter and use in Drifting and Precision driving.

Drifting is about feeling and confidence.

but when you start, it is crucial to get the correct guidance and the Theory to know what you are looking to "feel" in the car.

Watch Redbull Queen B's experience with us