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Learn about the science behind drifting, learn how to enjoy drifting in a safe way
Enter the world of drifting and learn to skillfully control, slide and manoeuvre your car on the limit of grip. Zoom past your fears and build confidence by mastering the fundamentals.
For 15 years we have studied almost every aspect of Drifting, offering coaching that is set apart from the rest due to our passion and high-level driving technique.
My name is Yohann Quaziz, also known as Yogi, founder of PHDrift and the biggest Drift passionate you will come across, I have devoted myself to study and research Driving techniques from around the world, all to create a coaching plan to suit anyone who wants to enjoy Drifting, if you are a young driver or a retired petrol head, Drifting is and can be for you!
The fun is one aspect, but the skills and understanding you take with you may even save your life one day on the road.
Watch Redbull Queen B’s drifting experience with us
Drifting is an incredibly complex topic, so many different sides of Drifting, Whether you want to learn the basics, improve your skills, understand car control, or become the next Pro driver
We can help make your dreams come true!
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plans we offer
Choose a drifting plan that suits your budget and requirements and get started in no time.
Drift Fundamentals training
  • 4 driving sessions on track
  • Drift prepared academy vehicle
  • Unlimited tires and Fuel
  • Maximum of 30 min per session
  • Theory and briefings off track
  • Personal 1-2-1 coaching with our coach
  • Track - Teesside Autodrome - Middlesbrough
Drift car owner tuition
  • Self owned vehicle required
  • Tires and Fuel at the owners responsibility
  • Minimum of 20 min of Driving per hour
  • Theory and briefings sessions when we are off track
  • Personal 1-2-1 coach (Yogi) to follow you every step
  • Track - Teesside Autodrome - Middlesbrough
Throughout our coaching, we use different tools to either practice in a cheap and safe environment before going real time (Simulators) or maximise the efficiency and the progress of our learning when we are in a coaching session (DriftBit Data Logging)
We are one complete unit of passionate drift fanatics and vehicle dynamics experts
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Trusted by clients from all over the world, and yes we never ought to disappoint them
We are here to help you with your high performance drifting or be a part of next generation events