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Ryan Thomas

PhDrift and Yohann are incredible.

I had been drifting for about a year, never had any tuition or advice, just watched lots of videos and played games and had a pretty good understanding of how to do everything in my own car, or so I thought.

I spent a full day with Yohann where he actually taught me techniques, and learning about momentum. It’s not all about power and handbrake!

He showed me when to initiate, the ‘window’ to get to the right angle and position the car, then explained how to flow through the corner with little to no corrections!

We slowly built this up to then transition to the next corner.

His technical understanding of a car is next level, explaining how to pre-load the rear of the car to create a pendulum effect which creates the momentum to transition. By the end of the day I was linking the full circuit completing multiple laps at a time! His enthusiasm and love for drifting really shows in his teaching, it’s probably the most fun you’ll ever have! I’ll definitely be going back to continue learning and perfecting techniques!

Ian "Bizz" Philips

Pro driver BDC

Yogi is THE man when it comes to drift tuition. He has amazing enthusiasm for the sport and a fantastic way with words helps even the most experienced drifters to understand what needs to be done to develop their skills. His talents don’t only lie within driving ability either, from watching a car from the outside to ring able to drive it himself he can often advise on adjustments and improvements to be made to get the best from the machine. I have experienced the above first hand and I can say that both myself and the car have improved dramatically thanks to Yogi.


I look forward to my next outing with him and put what I have learnt into practice in competition

Jamal Blackman - Rotherham Goal Keeper

Great Sessions, easy to learn - breaks down every Technique.

Enjoyed every moment and Fist pump upon success is always a plus! Can't wait for the next one

Craig Foster

After my lesson with Yohann, learning and understanding how momentum can be used in drifting has helped me no end. By the end of the day I felt confident (enough to jump in my own car and send it for a few laps) and most of all we had a laugh!

Sarah Hall Motorsport

Yohann has been a star from day 1! He explains, teaches and brings the hype to push you and get the best from your session. You can see the passion, he lives and breathes drifting and he channels all of this energy through you as a driver, to build your confidence and skills at the wheel. I would 100% recommend PHDrift for any one to one focused driver training!