The 4 Fundamentals of PH.Drift Coaching

The focus of the Science of Drift academy is to learn and improve our understanding of the 4 Fundamentals of physics that will affect vehicle Drifting.

Learning and perfecting our understanding of these 4 concepts, will ultimately help us understand cars, and predict a motion before it happened.

Momentum 101

Before we learn to run, let's learn to walk. Understanding the most basic concept of Drifting - Inertia will help us understand the first step into drifting - Initiation.


The best way to explain Momentum in a few words, imagine trying to shoot an arrow with a bow, without pulling it back first? No momentum, no action.


Initiation is the area on track (usually end of a corner or beginning of one) where we are meant to start the Drift. Initiation style and technique has developed so much in the last decade, so many different ways and benefits, it is important to understand that there isn’t an ideal technique for all initiation on a track, Each technique has its benefits and reason to use, for example, if the initiation has no run-up but requires speed on entry, you could use most techniques, bar braking technique (hand-brake/Brake) as they could potentially make us too slow.

Drifting is not about what is within the corner, Drift is what happens before the corner, the initiation, how fast you go into a corner, how fast do you snap to the lock required, how fast do you return to power and WHY!? All to conserve and use the energy to go FAST

Main activity -

  1. Speeding correctly into a corner

  2. Initiation

  3. Drifting a corner

  4. Safely stopping a Drift

Pendulum 101

A Transition in a car is a change of direction, in the simplest way, how to make the car Drift left to Right.

This action has several variables that control the rate of transition but also the speed and momentum you have at the end of the transition.

When we are looking at a transition, the main concept to understand is the Pendulum effect.

During a transition, a car acts as a pendulum, learning the concept of this force, it's variables and "cause and action" we can predict the transition's result before it started.


When this fundamental has become a “habit” in our driving, we can instantly know before a transition if we are going to spin, or Grip up, which allows us to fix mistakes before they happen, and in time, go faster, transition harder and snappier!

Main activities

  1. Correct Drift Line

  2. Transition techniques (power/slow)

  3. Transition techniques (Steering/Moderate)

Resistance 101

Drifting has developed into a Motorsport with incredible machines, but it was started as a way for drivers to have fun and go around a track in the most exciting and aggressive way, all to test and push the limits of Grip.

This pursuit has been the prime drive to improve cars, learn more about Drifting and techniques to drive harder and more aggressive.

Understanding the fundamental of resistance is crucial for advance driving, whether it is to understand the surface we drive on, the tires we use, the friction levels on the road (weather) and the resistance we are applying on the springs in our suspension.

When all working together, we can moderate and shift the energy we create towards an action we are about to do.

For example, using the rear tire grip to stop a Drift and gear all the energy towards a transition.

Main activities

  1. Grip control (Clutch control)

  2. Suspension compression (Pre-load)

  3. Transition techniques (Throttle control/fast)

  4. Transition techniques (Clutch/GO HARD)

Motion 101

Being the master of motion is to be able to use any car, as an extension of their body.

Understanding how a vehicle moves and reacts to certain actions and indifferent environment builds an internal understanding that all cars are the same, just requires to be driven differently.

When we understand the Cause and Action of each of the tools and in every situation, we are able to make a car move as we want, at any speed, any track, any condition.

World champions can jump in any car and drive it like an extension of their body, it is not only a natural ability but also hard work, dedication and a passion to learn more every day and extend their knowledge all the time.

When passing this course, you will be ready to progress and learn the arts of Tsuiso, or Tandems, Drifting in pairs! (coming soon)

Main activities

  1. Using all the fundamentals as a habit

  2. Left Foot Braking

  3. Drift an entire course consistently 8/10 times

  4. (2) in 3 different academy cars