Drift Technologies

Innovations to help us learn and improve our driving

At PH.Drift, we believe in using all the tools at our disposal, to learn and enjoy improving our skills as fast as possible.

With the assistance of new innovation in the Drift world, we can extend our learning curve into our home, with the assistance of the DriftBit to review footage, or the Simulator to further continue driving.

All in the pursuit to improve our skills.

Battleist DriftBit V2

To maximise our efficiency on track, we Log all data to review during our Theory Session,

and download them onto your phone for you to review at home using the Driftbit V2, more details about this technology below.

Battleist DriftBit V2.0

Drift analysis tool for the serious driver. 

  • Record highly accurate Drift data

  • Simple 20-minute install

  • Internal memory for 40+ hours of data

  • Drift analysis App DriftLab included

  • Made and Shipped from Melbourne Australia

  • Improve your Drifting significantly

“Its definitely going to push me more”

-World Champion Drift Pro Luke Fink

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Drifting Simulators - Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa Simulator

Cheap, efficient and fun at the comfort of Home

Simulators have taken over the world in recent years.

But they have been present for at least 15 years...

In the form of Drifting, Live For Speed was the winner for Physics, they were incredibly realistic.

Fast forward 10 years, in 2020 the majority of real-life Drifter and Competition drivers started to use a simulator to practice real-life tracks ahead of the competition, or even improve their skills and understanding.

At Phdrift we always used Simulator as part of the coaching, it is not required, but its a big help.

Simulators are great as the seat time is free, all it takes is an initial investment in the hardware.

When learning new advanced techniques in a coaching session, the time is efficiently used to learn as much as possible. The new skills acquired have to be practised and perfected to create good Drifting "Habits"

Which can be done on the Simulator.

When getting to the stage of practising "tandem" driving, Simulator helps you learn quickly but also avoids any damage that may occur in real life.