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Personal Drift coaching

All inclusive Drift coaching session in a PH.Drift Academy car

This all-inclusive package will give you one of the most memorable days you ever had, whether you are a fully passionate Drifter, or you are just looking for your monthly Adrenaline shot, we are the best place to learn the Science of Drifting

  • This course includes: 

  • Drift prepared academy vehicle (BMW E46)

  • Tires and Fuel for the entire session

  • minimum of 15 minutes on tracks per session

  • Theory and briefings sessions will take over when we are off track

  • Personal 1-2-1 coach (Yogi) to follow you every step of the way.

  • Media Package (Images and a edited video)

  • Tracks - Teesside Autodrome - Middleborough

Prices -

£189 - 1 hour (1 driving sessions)

£339 - 2 hours (2 driving sessions)

£559 - 4 hours (4 driving sessions)

BMW E36 Drifting teesside

DRIFT car owner tuition 1-4 hours

Personal coaching in your car at Teesside Autodrome.

Inc DriftBit V2

Fresh out with a new build and you do not want to unnecessary risk damaging it? Want to learn a few skills before jumping in your competition car to practice? or even set it up for your skills level...

We are here to help, with 5 years of experience coaching drivers in their own cars, we have gained the knowledge to help and guide drivers to learn, understand and drive their car better. 

From newcomers with a new car to learn to Professional drivers with monster builds who want to learn more about setup and car motion to progress their skills and confidence in competition, This is for anyone!

This course includes the usage of the world-leading Drift Data Logging, Battleist Driftbit V2. 
You will be able to get all the data onto your phone to review and analyse at any time in the palm of your hand. 



Drift Technologies used in coaching

In an era surrounded by new technologies to help the pupil learn new skills, Drifting is seeing this trend too.

Throughout our coaching, we use different tools to either practices in a cheaper and safe environment (Simulators) or maximise the efficiency and the progress of our learning when in a coaching session (DriftBit Data Logging)

Battleist DriftBit V2

Advance Drift Datalogging

To maximise our efficiency on track, we Log all data to review during our Theory Session and downloaded it onto your phone for you to have the Data from your entire session.

Compare speed, Angle and Snappiness from all laps recorded. 

The best tool to learn, progress and drive harder!

Watch it all on

Assetto Corsa Simulator

Cheap, efficient and fun at the comfort of Home

Simulators have taken over the world in recent years.

But they have been present for at least 15 years...

In the form of Drifting, Live For Speed was the winner for Physics, they were incredibly realistic.

Fast forward 10 years, in 2020 the majority of real-life Drifter and Competition drivers started to use a simulator to practice real-life tracks ahead of the competition, or even improve their skills and understanding.

At Phdrift we always used Simulator as part of the coaching, it is not required, but its a big help.

Simulators are great as the seat time is free, all it takes is an initial investment in the hardware.

When learning new advanced techniques in a coaching session, the time is efficiently used to learn as much as possible. The new skills acquired have to be practised and perfected to create good Drifting "Habits"

Which can be done on the Simulator.

When getting to the stage of practising "tandem" driving, Simulator helps you learn quickly but also avoids any damage that may occur in real life.

Terms and Conditions upon booking with us

After deciding on your date, you will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your session.

We accept changes (I.e Date, time, name of participant etc) to the booking up to 72 hours before the event, FREE OF CHARGE, a different date/time will be allocated based on availability.

If the booking is cancelled or amended by the student in the period of 72 hours before the event taking place, we will consider case by case how much can be refunded after covering the cost of track, staff etc.

For any questions please contact us at