The story of PH.Drift

My name is Yohann Quaziz, also known as Yogi, founder of PHDrift and the biggest Drift passionate you will come across, I have devoted myself to study and research Driving techniques from around the world, all to create a coaching plan to suit anyone who wants to enjoy Drifting, if you are a young driver or a retired petrol head, Drifting is and can be for you!

When I discovered Japanese drifting and the Japanese passion for Motorsport, I was absolutely hooked with their way of life and mindset, but most importantly their outlook on driving skills and Drifting.

Fast forward a couple of years, I finally had the chance to see Drifting in real life, watching the D1GP Blitz R34 drift in front of my eyes was an incredible feeling, but what drove me into this sport is the excitement and passion the drivers got from the crowd! 

I have participated in many forms of Motorsport, Rally, Formula Renault, DD karts and more, Nothing came close to the excitement of Drifting.

Since that day, I have been dedicated to Drifting, I moved halfway across the world alone, all in the pursuit of working and focusing my entire life on Drifting.

I have had the pleasure to coach countless drivers in the Uk, learn from the best people in drifting, judges, drivers, organisers and spent more than 5,000 hours in the passenger seat with students from all over the world, learning the fundamentals of Drifting, all to create a training plan that would suit anyone, for any purpose but most importantly,

to enjoy the journey! 

I have been studying every aspect of drifting, from the origins of this crazy passion in Japan to the evolution of the sport over the last two decades in the western world.

Whether its for fun, learning efficiency by adopting the good technique,

or competing and want to learn how to win,

at PHDrift we can offer it all. 

we offer the best experience you could find. 
The fun is one aspect, but the skills and understanding you take with you may even save your life one day on the road. 


Where can I learn?

Teeside Autodrome
Dormer Way, South Bank TS6 6XH

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